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Introducing our brand new 5th Edition bike log, a professionally printed, pocket sized log, developed to organize and simplify record keeping for your motorcycle.  We have redesigned the format to make it easier to use, and have made several subtle improvements based on feedback from you, our customers.

Our 5th Edition has 88 pages. The print is larger, the spacing better and there's more room to enter data. The gas logs are much more user friendly.  We have added more tire replacement entries, and schedules for just about everything else have been reformatted and refined.

bike log has been featured in most major motorcycle magazines and we have sold thousands world wide.  bike log has a handsome, laminated cover, and is spiral bound. It's compact (3 7/8" x 5 3/4"), and easily fits in your tank bag, saddle bag, or jacket pocket.  It also has a drilled hole so you can hang it on a nail in your workshop or garage.  The Table of Contents below outlines in detail the contents of bike log.

We hope you enjoy this 5th Edition, and we always welcome your input so we can continually improve our product.  Thanks for your business over the past 15 years, and ride safe.

I was reading an article the other day and saw the most meaningful quote regarding motorcycling:

        "The superior motorcyclist is one who uses superior judgement to avoid situations that might require use of his or her superior skills."

bike log
Actual Size (3 7/8" x 5 3/4")




Personal  Information


Motorcycle Ownership                  Information         
Motorcycle Specs & Data


Performance Statistics     10
Modifications & Accessories 11-16
Oil Change Checklist     17
Service Records:
     Oil & Filter Changes 18-21
     Tire Replacement Logs 22-25
     State Inspection Log      26
     Factory Scheduled                      Services 27-30
     Factory Recalls     31
     Other Service and Repairs


Trip Records:
     Gas Logs 38-61
     Trip Logs 62-75
Winter Storage Checklist     76
Yearly Mileage Totals      77
Notes   78-81  
Contacts 82-83
How to pick up a bike     84
English/Metric Conversion 85-86
Wind Chill Chart     87
Pre Ride Checklist     88


bike log is simple, efficient and inexpensive.  You will find it to be one of the most practical and useful motorcycle accessories available. Get one for each bike you own.  Also, a great gift for your riding buddies. 

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Ron Baroody

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